Skill Ranks

Another thing that makes your character unique is the way you distribute your Skill Ranks. This is what turns a boring fighter into a bounty hunter, disguising himself in leaves and mud, stealthily sneaking up to an enemy, and intimidating him into surrendering without even having to draw his weapon.

Because there are so many skills to choose from, I will include a link to the skill descriptions below.
Pathfinder Skills

There are a few important things to note about skills.

  1. The number of skill ranks you receive each level is determined by your class.
  2. Skills listed as Class Skills receive a +3 bonus the first time you invest a rank in them.
  3. Some skills such as knowledge and disable device are marked with an asterisk. (*) This means that they cannot be used until you invest a rank in them.
  4. Each skill is based on one of the six ability scores and will be affected by that score’s modifier. (Ex: 16 Dex would result in a +3 to stealth, acrobatics, etc.)

If you need help understanding how the math works for skill bonuses or would like to discuss the benefits of investing in a certain skill, please ask me. If think you can do it, try to follow along with this Video. (The useful part begins at 2:44.)

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Skill Ranks

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