Filling Out Your Character Sheet

Throughout the campaign, we will be keeping track of your character’s information on an important piece of paper known as the Character Sheet. Here is a link to the standard Character Sheet. You will need a printed copy to fill out and have with you at every session.


First, you will start by filling out the demographic information at the top of the sheet. This is the section with several blanks that includes name, race, and alignment. If you have any questions about these, feel free to check with me. (Note: Evil characters are not allowed in this campaign.)

Next, you will copy the ability scores that you chose with the calculator directly into the column on the top left called Ability Score. In next column, entitled Ability Modifier, you will enter the corresponding bonus/penalty. For example, a strength value of 12 gives you a +1 modifier. This is because 10 is the average or baseline value. For every two points over 10, you gain another +1 bonus, while every two point beneath ten results in a -1 penalty. (Note: Odd numbers always round down!)


In order to fill out the blank labeled HP, you will need to find the number found in the description for the class you chose. It should say, Hit Die: d__. Take that number and add to it the Ability Modifier that you filled in for your Consitution under Ability Scores.

Example: If I make a barbarian with 16 constitution, then I would calculate his starting HP as follows. Barbarian’s hit die is d12. That means that if I had no constitution modifiers, I would have 10 HP. However, I know that 16 Con is 3 two-point steps over the baseline value of 10. This means that my Constitution Modifier is a +3. Now, I can add that to my hit die value to determine my starting HP. 12 + 3 = 15. My barbarian with 16 strength has a starting HP of 15. Not bad!


For you character’s Speed, you simply read his race description and look for a value that says “Base Speed: __ ft.” Go ahead and copy that into the blank that says Base Speed. (Note: If you are a barbarian, add 10 ft to that value due to your Fast Movement ability.) Next, in the same box you should see a blank followed by “Sq.” This refers to how many squares you can move in combat. Each square covers 5 feet, so simply divide your base speed by 5 to determine the number of squares. (Example: Humans can move 30 feet, which is equal to 6 squares.) If your race provides you with a climb speed, swim speed, or fly speed, fill that out in the same way. (Note: Wearing medium or heavy armor can reduce movement speed for non-dwarf characters, hence the blank entitled “With Armor.”)


For the rest of the sheet, I recommend you either get with me for over skype or a phone call, or just try to follow along with this Video. (The useful part begins at 9:09.)

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Filling Out Your Character Sheet

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