Character Class

The first step in creating your character is to choose your character’s Class.

A class is essentially the role you will be playing in both combat and role-playing scenarios. Some characters are strong front-line warriors, while others prefer to attack safely from a distance with arrows and magic, and some may even prefer to be healers, protecting their allies from harm and even pulling them back from the brink of death.

Each class has a unique set of class abilities, bonus skills, and equipment proficiency. Here is a list of the classes I am accepting for this campaign. (I have omitted some classes that may be overly complicated, unbalanced, or difficult for beginning players.)

All of the classes below are links to a helpful website that outlines each class in depth.

Savage warrior that can enter a frenzied rage, increasing his destructive power.

Charming entertainer who uses magic and charisma to get in and out of trouble.

Holy servant who uses divine magic to heal allies and smite his enemies.

Guardian of nature who uses shapeshifting and controls the natural elements.

Well-rounded combatant with an extensive range of styles and tactics.

Disciplined striker who uses his chi to focus his superhuman power and agility.

Righteous warrior with a strict moral code that uses divine magic to smite foes.

Natural hunter who uses his survival skills and a unique combat style.

Stealthy opportunist that uses poison and sneak attacks to take down enemies.

Arcane spellcaster that uses magical bloodline powers and sheer force of will.

Arcane spellcaster that uses an animal familiar and keen intellect to cast spells.

Clever chemist that creates potions, bombs, and mutagens to augment himself.

Reckless and daring thrillseeker with a mysterious exploding weapon.

Stealthy ambush fighter with combat prowess and tracking expertise.

Adaptable fist-fighter with a wide range of attacks and maneuvers.

Charismatic swordsman with a penchant for acts of bravery and nimble fencing.

Mysterious swordfighter who channels arcane magic through his strikes.

Stealthy opportunist that uses poisons and chi abilities to misdirect foes.

Character Class

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