Ability Scores

For anyone unfamiliar with Ability Scores, here’s a brief description of each one.
Strength determines your effectiveness when swinging a melee weapon or trying to bash down a door and also how much weight you can carry on you at once.
Dexterity determines your effectiveness with ranged weapons as well as skills like stealth, acrobatics, and sleight of hand. It also effects your ability to dodge certain hazards.
Constitution determines your total health points as well as your ability to avoid sickness, poison, and disease.
Intelligence determines your number of skill ranks, languages known, and for some arcane magic users: their effectiveness with magic.
Wisdom determines your ability to withstand some mind-affecting magic as well as skills like perception, survival, and sense motive.
Charisma determines your ability to influence others in social situations and affects skills such as diplomacy, bluff, and performance.

In order to pick your Ability Scores for this campaign, we will be using a system known as the 20 Point Buy. Rather than explain the system to you, I have provided a link to a calculator that does all of the work for you.

Point Buy Calculator

To use the calculator, you will first select your race from the drop down and ensure that your racial modifiers are correct. (Humans get a +2 to any ability score they choose, while dwarves get a +2 to Con and Wis and a -2 to Cha.) Then, by increasing and decreasing the values in the column titled Purchased, you can select your Ability Scores. When you are finished, the number at the bottom after “Total Points:” must read exactly 20!

Do not worry. If this section seems difficult or you are unsure what ability scores would complement your chosen class, I would be happy to discuss them with you. Feel free to call or text or email me rather than pulling your hair out trying to learn the new system.

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Ability Scores

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