House Rules- Skills

1. Skill checks on players including diplomacy and intimidate are to be role-played.
(This is to prevent bullying or forcibly limiting a player’s role-playing options.)
(Bluff/Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand/Perception are allowed without restriction.)

2. Natural 1s on skill checks are auto-fails and may result in a critical fumble.
(These fumbles are situationally relevant and at GM’s discretion.)

3. Natural 20s on skill checks are automatically successful and may be critical successes.
(This only applies if the check’s DC is < 20+ the PCs total in that skill.)
(If even a roll of 20 would be less than the DC, the PC still fails the check on a Nat 20.)

4. The following skills have a passive mode. (10 + Skill Bonus)
(Perception, Sense Motive, Profession.)

5. Outside of combat and danger, PCs can take 10 on most skills.
(This is considered 1 attempt. This check takes slightly longer.)

6. PCs can also take 20 on skill checks is there is no penalty for failure.
(This is equivalent to making several checks and takes much longer to perform.)

7. Skill checks will be opposed by the corresponding skill.
(Stealth/Sleight of Hand vs Perception; Bluff vs Sense Motive; Intimidate vs Will Save.)

8. Appraisal is useless and will not be used in this campaign by PCs or NPCs.

9. Situational bonuses may result in a bonus to a single check (GM discretion)
(Leaping onto an enemy to make an attack, knowledge check in a library, etc.)

10. At creation, players can decide whether to use STR or CHA for intimidation.

11. Aid another checks will be decided at the time of rolling.
(Highest roll is considered the leader and receives +2 for each check over DC 10.)

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House Rules- Skills

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