House Rules- Combat

1. Every player is entitled to one re-roll per session.
(These can be used for attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, or skill checks.)

2. Natural 20s on attack rolls are automatically confirmed critical hits.
(Normally, crits must be confirmed by a second successful hit.)

3. Knowledge checks in combat for lore/weaknesses are swift actions.

4. Coordinating with team mates on your turn is encouraged, within reason.
(Restrict yourself to 30 seconds, as this is 5x the duration of the round.)

5. Players are encouraged to refrain from referring to game mechanics in combat.
(Numbers like HP, AC, and DR may hinder proper role playing. Try “injury or weakness.”)

6. Diagonal moves are always considered 5 feet.
(No 5/10/5 rule; Polearms with “reach” threaten all surrounding spaces.)

7. Obstructed, cocked or off-table dice rolls wil be re-rolled.
(Occasional exceptions for Natural 1 or 20 may be kept.)

8. Loot is handled by a “Dibs” System where the killing blow allows first access to items.
(Players are encouraged to consider healers and support PCs when looting.)

9. Random encounters during long travel are handled by rolling on an encounter table.
(The roll may be repeated every 30 min, 1 hour, or 4 hours of traveling time.)

10. Lethal force in Player-Versus-Player combat is not allowed.
(Non-lethal is allowed, but highly discouraged.)

11. Mundane ammunition will not be tracked or counted.
(Only magical, alchemical, or ammo made of special materials are tracked.)

12. Flanking bonuses apply to all characters adjacent to a “flanked” enemy.
(This applies even if an attacker is not in an actual flanking position.)

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House Rules- Combat

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