House Rules- Character Creation

1. PC ability scores will be chosen using a 20 pt buy.
(This can be calculated using the following link or a similar one.)

2. At level 1, HP is the maximum for your class’ hit die.
(Rogue = 8, Barbarian = 12)

3. At each subsequent level, players will roll their class hit die to determine HP.
(Low rolls will be rounded up to the average amount.)

4. Experience points will not be calculated, not tracked.
(Players will level up when plot-related milestones are reached.)

5. PCs can choose any race from the Core, Featured, and Uncommon lists.
(Any race over 12 RP may be slightly nerfed at GM’s discretion.)

6. PCs can select classes from the Core, Base, and Hybrid lists.
(No occult classes, Summoners must use the Unchained version.)

7. PCs receive one bonus feat at creation from the following list.
(Weapon Finesse, Improved Unarmed Strike, Two Weapon Fighting.)

8. PCs receive one free rank in a craft skill of their choice.
(This craft skill will be linked with a related profession skill.)

9. All classes that receive 2+int skill ranks per level will receive 4+Int instead.

10. If a PC dies, the replacement character must be of a different class.

11. Before reaching level 2, players are allowed one complete character re-write.

12. Multiclass archetypes may be referenced but only one class can be chosen each level.
(The archetypes can be selected from the following link.)

13. If a player decides a class feature doesn’t fit their character, it may be swapped.
(GM discretion; Applies to weapon and armor proficiency and/or spellcasting.)

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House Rules- Character Creation

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