Sandpoint Businesses

Red Dog Smithy – Local foul tempered blacksmith of considerable skill.
Savahs Armoury – Stocks all manner of weapons and armour, including some exotic items.
The Feathered Serpent – The owner of this shop stocks many relics and tools of the adventuring trade.
The Pillbugs Pantry – Medicine and potions.
Bottled Solutions – Alchemist who’s item’s sometimes have unpredictable effects.

The Way North – Well stocked proprietor of maps and sea charts of the local area.
The Curious Goblin – A surprisingly complete bookshop.
General Store – Sandpoints oldest and best stocked general store that sells a little bit of everything.
Goblin Squash Stables -Stables run by a retired hunter who has a legendary hatred of goblins.
Vernah’s Fine Clothing – A clothing shop owned by a beautiful half-elf.
Sandpoint Boutique – Large Boutique store that sells clothing, artwork, toys, books and tools.

Jeweller – Sandpoints Jewler
Locksmiths – Renowned in town for it’s dwarven smiths craftsmanship.
Sandpoint Savories – Local bakery.
Grocers Hall – Guild that sells produce from nearby farms.
Sandpoint Market – Mostly empty save twice a week when vendors come from Magnimar and beyond.

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Sandpoint Businesses

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