Welcome to the frontier town of Sandpoint! Located on the southwestern coast of Varisia, this small town has known great times, and horrible tragedies. The last few years have been an uphill climb to put the Late Unpleasantness behind them. Just a few years ago, a terrible fire destroyed the cathedral along the town’s beloved priest and his angelic daughter. Around the same time, a quiet, reclusive man went on a killing spree, committing a slew of grisly murders in the town.

Somehow, the town persevered, and now plans to dedicate the newly rebuilt temple during a festival in honor of Desna, one of the town’s patron deities. The Swallowtail Festival will bring in visitors from all over Varisia, including some merchants from Magnimar with enough goods and coin to breathe life into the town’s meager economy. If the festival goes off without a hitch, it could be just what the town needs to put itself back on the map as the “The Light of the Lost Coast.”

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